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In order to access (search, view and print) the available on line records, users must have a paid subscription or a time pass.

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Instructions after you login to MyOnlineDocuments:

 1. Choose Deeds Index and Images, Old Deeds Index and Images or Marriage Licenses from the dropdown list.

 2. When searching by Grantor/Grantee, enter the last name first and try different spellings of the name to help complete your search. 

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Options to view and print document images:

 1. Credit card – One (1) hour pass $30.00 with a convinence fee of $1.50 or Three (3) hour pass $70.00 with a convinence fee of $1.75.

 2. Subscription – Contact the Recorder at 573-648-2494 EXT 29 for an application and pricing.

Data Availability:

  - Images of Real Estate documents are available online from 2004 thru present.

  * NOTE: Images before 2004 are unavailable online at this time and Marriage License images are unavailable online.